Tsingy of Bemaraha

Have you ever imagined to walk another planet. Have you ever imagined to participate in adventure with rock climbing, mountain trekking with heavy temperature. In the Island of Madagascar, there are the place called  » Tsingy « . I will bring you to discover this place.The place is located at the West place of the Islande, Melaky Region, taking the National Road to the Morondava. Enjoy it.


What is the Tsingy?

« Tsingy » is a malagasy name which means « tips, spike, prong, etc.» As your first see of the Tsingy, it seemed like a rock forest tips, grey color granite thoroughly sculpted by air and water. Seen from above, Tsingy are formed by majestic limestone forest group, combined rocks crover that you cannot walk at the top. But you can visit the place and enjoy it.

Tsingy was formed since 200 million years by fossils deposit and dead shell under the sea. Due to sea withdrawal, the rock have sculpted by water and air during 5 million years. Until this day, Tsingy still suffered about the wind and rain. But it contains endemic species, fauna and flora that you cannot seeing everywhere.

According to the ancient inhabitants of Bemaraha, Tsingy appeared under the sea and spread place upon the earth. They consider the place of the rest of ancestors that’s why they use it to place the coffins at the bottom. A few area of Tsingy are sacred, but every visitors can walk around and respect local taboos.


Tsingy, a place to visit

Tsingy of Bemaraha have fascinated tourists, researchers and malagasy nationals over years that thousands of people travel to. The place cover 152 ha of natural reserve. There are tourist circuit to explore the place, through the rock, at the bottom and you can practice water activity at the Manambolo river canyon. There are also special cruises organised to this river canyon by tour operator.

Tsingy is one of the place in Madagascar that you can take breathtaking, trekking and sometimes speleology exploration. For research target, there are endemic flora and fauna. There are more than 140 birds recorded, 11 lemurs, amphibians, carnivores and reptiles. It offer also beautiful botanic species and so on. Along the road to go to the national park, there is the area called « Allée des Baobab » that every visitors can appreciate the sunset everyday.

Local culture and accomodations

Tsingy of Bemaraha is located into the wild place. It is difficult to travel there without a strong all-terrain vehicle. And it is only accessible during the dry season. In Madagascar, the dry season match the period between April and October, so so in November. The Bemaraha region have numbers of activities such as discover Sakalava local culture, cruise to the river canyon, taste local food or sometime visit the Kirindy National Park.

One of the famous food you can appreciate is the coconut fish, meat barbecue, fried cassava, lentil with bowl of rice. And one local culture you can enjoy is the Sakalava wedding or the « Fitampoha », (bath of the kings’ bones).

About the accommodations, there are many hotels and ecological lodge located around Bemaraha national park. You can find comfortable hotels offering basic services and sometimes luxurious package such as spa, yoga, and a view to the Tsingy. There are also local association to offer reasonable accommodation with potable water, small individual pavillion, and cheap food.




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